The Best Payment Processing at the Best Rates!

UniformPay is The Uniform Solution’s best way to process credit and debit cards in your retail store, on your eCommerce site, and at customer locations.

  • Handles Retail, eCommerce, and on-site processing (via wireless)
  • Next day funding available
  • Meet or beat processing rates
  • Securely save customer credit cards for later use
  • Void transactions and automatically reverse the charge
  • Includes PCI Compliance and Breach Protection

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UniformPay has you covered with
PCI Compliance and Breach Protection through ControlScan

ControlScan PCI through UniformPay gives you access to:

- Comprehensive set of tools to help simplify PCI compliance
- The ability to complete all or any part of the SAQ and apply responses to affiliate businesses
- On-demand security training designed specifically for small businesses

- A faster SAQ completion and revalidation process
- An intuitive user interface
- A set of custom security policy templates
- Unlimited high touch support

Hardware Options

Verifone MX925

  • Wired Terminal
  • Signature Pad
  • EMV, Swipe, NFC* *ApplePay, AndroidPay, GooglePay, etc.
  • Touch Screen
  • Display 7" WVGA (800 × 480) color LCDScreen

Monthly Lease of $24.99 or Available for Purchase

Igenico iMSP4

  • WiFi Enabled
  • Portable
  • EMV, Swipe, NFC* *ApplePay, AndroidPay, GooglePay, etc.
  • Display 2.8” backlit color display

Monthly Lease of $16.99 or Available for Purchase

Igenico Lane/5000

  • Wired Terminal
  • EMV, Swipe, NFC* *ApplePay, AndroidPay, GooglePay, etc.
  • Signature Capture 2.8” backlit color display
  • Display 3.5" Color Touch Screen

Monthly Lease of $17.99 or Available for Purchase

IDTech SecuRed

  • DUKPT compliant with on board AES and TDES encryption
  • PCI-PTS SRED Magnetic Stripe Reader with tamper detection
  • Powered through USB port, no external power supply is required 
  • Reads up to 3 tracks of information
  • Bi-directional card reading capability

Monthly Lease of $5.99 or Available for Purchase

Let us handle your POS and payment processing too.
Get software and payment processing support in one place

Device Support & Warranty Details

Buy/Purchase Hardware

- 1 year warranty that hardware will be free from errors or defects
- Hardware covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced at not cost during warranty period
- If hardware is damaged at the fault of the sub-merchant (either by negligence or willful acts), it will be repaired if possible or replaced and charged to the sub-merchant
- After warranty period, provider will repair or replace non-functioning hardware and charge to the sub-merchant

Rent/Lease Hardware

- Sub-merchant may retain the rented hardware as long as sub-merchant continues to make payments
- Rented hardware will be replaced at no charge to the sub-merchant if hardware become inoperable through no fault of the sub-merchant. This replacement program is offered for the life of the device
- If required repairs were caused by willful acts or negligence, sub-merchant will be charged for repairs

UniformPay Giftcards

Custom CardsPrice Per Order

Design and Shipping Fees

  • Color Setup (per Card Design): $100
  • Gift Card Design Setup Fee: $75
  • Additional TID’s/Downloads: $10
  • Lightning Print (Custom cards in 3-5 days): $200.00
  • RUSH Lightning Print (Custom cards 1-2 days): $350.00

Standard CardsPrice Per Order

Essential Gift

  • Flat Monthly: $20/month (unlimited transactions)
  • Per Transaction: $10/month + $0.18/transaction

Gift Card Pooling Fee

  •  +$5/month on all plans

Gift Card Packages

  • Jumpstart Kit (100 Custom Cards, 100 Standard Carriers, Display): $160*
  • Launch Box Kit (500 Custom Cards, 500 Standard Carriers, Display): $650*

*Available for new merchants only (not available for re-orders or additional locations)