Get to know The Uniform Solution Version 6.40

Get to know The Uniform Solution Version 6.40

The Uniform Solution 6.40 is full of tools that will
streamline your business and customers will love too.

Sweet Rewards

The look on your customers faces when they find out they can earn rewards on their uniform purchases at your uniform store. The Rewards Program is one the most exciting new features in the Uniform Solution Version 6.40.

Sales Floor Checkout

Suffering with long lines at your Uniform Store? With Version 6.40, Sales Associates can help with busting lines by creating carts right from our mobile app. Carts started in the mobile app can easily be accessed at the Point of Sale station for quick and easy checkouts that uniform customers and associates will love.

It's All About The Details

In Version 6.40, connected vendors can now provide multiple images of products along with detailed descriptions, specification and care instructions for items displayed in your uniform WebStore. Give your customers the information they need to purchase from your online Uniform Store.

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Take a look at all of the new features available for Uniform Retailars, Distributors and Customers in 6.40.

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