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Designed for Uniform Retailers and Dealers

The Uniform Solution has taken the complex tasks performed by a uniform retailer or dealer and created a simple, flexible, and powerful structure for operating your business. The Uniform Solution is easy to learn, easy to get started, and has been the system of choice by successful uniform businesses for over 20 years.

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Start Today

With pre-loaded inventory, QuickLoad, and your assigned Implementation Specialist, getting started with The Uniform Solution couldn't be easier. Your Implementation Specialist will guide you through the basics of the program. Learn how to download vendor catalogs, adjust stock levels, set your retail pricing, and send/receive orders.

Download the Free Demo Version and see for yourself how easy it is to use The Uniform Solution.

Get Connected

The Uniform Solution provides the uniform retailer with unprecedented capabilities by connecting your company to your vendors so you can become more efficient and informed. With the WebStore, you can easily connect with your customer to sell on-line and provide them with access to their sales history and the stock levels in your store. The Uniform Solution embraces the connected world and provides features no other software can.

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Extend Your Reach with iOS and Android Phone

The Uniform Solution extends your reach to the sales floor and outside the store with apps for iOS and Android phone devices. Owners and managers will enjoy the Dashboard that provides a snapshot of the sales for the day, month, and year. Employees that work on the sales floor will be able to lookup inventory and view vendor stock levels just by taking a picture of an item’s barcode.

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The Uniform Solution completely changes the eCommerce paradigm by seamlessly integrating a WebStore with The Uniform Solution. In just 10 minutes you can create a WebStore Configuration in The Uniform Solution that will define the sites look feel and products you can sell on the web.

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Why The Uniform Solution?

The Uniform Solution addresses the complex and unique requirements of the uniform retailer and dealer. No other software package handles apparel, special orders, contract pricing, purchase order creation, payroll deduction, and accounts receivable with the grace and ease of The Uniform Solution.

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Complete Systems

Purchasing a complete system from Diamond Data Systems is the easiest way to begin using The Uniform Solution. Complete system packages offer you the convenience of one-stop shopping and the knowledge that your system will arrive ready to work. Our systems include hardware from top quality manufactures such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Zebra, Epson, and others.

We also offer two fully integrated payment processing options - ChargeItPro and X-Charge. Process credit, debit, and giftcards on the point-of-sale and eCommerce site with ease.


Process Credit, Debit and Gift Cards

The Uniform Solution integrates with ChargeItPro Technology to easily process credit, debit, and gift cards in your retail store and your eCommerce site.

The Uniform Solution’s implementation of ChargeItPro meets all PCI compliance requirements and even removes The Uniform Solution out of the scope of PCI because no credit card data is ever stored on your LAN. Both processors use tokenization and an offsite gateway to keep your customers cardholder data completely secure.

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The Uniform Solution URA Booth

Designed for Uniform Retailers and Dealers

Diamond Data Systems is a proud supporter of The Uniform Retailers Association and its members. We encourage you to attend the URA’s Annual Trade show each Fall where you can see new vendors, meet with your existing vendors and their executive team, and glean insight into the latest trends and changes in the industry. When the show is over, you’ll return home with new ideas and possibilities that will energize you and your business.

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